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Allergy Aid CBD Pet Chews

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If your pet is struggling with skin issues caused by factors like allergies, seasons, or the environment, Sunmed's Broad Spectrum Allergy Aid CBD Pet Chews are here to help. These chews have been formulated by veterinarians with input from the National Animal Supplement Council. They are specifically designed to address skin problems related to seasonal allergies. Our innovative chews work tirelessly to soothe your pet's skin, reducing the need for excessive licking and scratching. You can trust our carefully crafted formula, which is loved by both dogs and cats, to provide relief for your furry friend.

Dosage: Use half a chew per 25 pounds of your pet's body weight for optimal results. Break up the chew according to your pet’s weight for an accurate and safe cannabinoid serving.


Ingredients: Green Lipped Mussel, Nettle Root, Quercetin, Bromelain, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Biotin, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ascorbic Acid, Beef Liver Powder, Calcium Propionate, Coconut Flour, Flax Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin Mixed Tocopherols, Sunflower Lecithin, Sweet Potato Powder, Tapioca Flour, Water

Spectrum: Broad Spectrum

Flavor: Allergy Aid

Size: 40 Chews | 6.35oz (180g)

Total Cannabinoid Per Serving: 5mg

Total Cannabinoid Per Container: 200mg