hemp oil drops CBN Blueberry your cbd store spring cbn plus blueberry full spectrumproduct sunmed hemp sumplement 33 mg per ml and 1000 mg per bottle mixed with lavender and valarien root so you can sleep like a baby everytime with drops
CBN plus Oil Tincture

CBN plus Oil Tincture

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SunMeds proprietary CBN Blend is formulated with ingredients like Lavender and Valerian root essential oils to help guide you through a good nights sleep.

  • Full Spectrum (Contains <.3% THC) Blueberry
  • Broad Spectrum(ND THC=Non Detected THC) Orange

For nighttime use. Terpene Rich. CANNABINOID PROFILE 33mg Total Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids per 1mL 1 2/3mg Total CBN per 1mL