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my mission is to help reduce the percentage of women who suffer with presenteeism so they can conquer everyday, no matter the week. ARIEL maxine and morgan co founder this product is powered by sundmed cbd your cbd store spring your cbd store sumed 450mg and 900 mg capsules for menstural flow and tumeric ginger.

Maxine and Morgan Flow lite Formula 15 mg Capsule 30 Count 450 mg Total

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Maxine and Morgan is a company that SunFlora has chosen to be a partner in the CBD space. These products are developed by a family with an amazing background. The Morgan's (Ariel, Allen and Karen) are a family with a background in women's health Dr. Allen Morgan is an OBGYN with an impressive background who found out with his daughters that the typical solution for menstrual symptoms was not effective and certainly not a natural plant-based product. By harnessing the power of SunMed CBD and synergizing it with a custom plant formulation the solution is Maxine and Morgan flow lite and flow formula capsules. This product is undergoing clinical trials with the support of some Universities that also understand the need to innovate in this women's health space. We hope you love our partnership and our future together with Maxine and Morgan.